Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday!


I'm sleeping peacefully, and am suddenly awaken to find that I need to go to the bathroom. The first of many times throughout the night lately. As I lay back down I don't feel quite right. My belly is very tight and I look at the clock it's 1 am. I try to go back to sleep only to be waken again by the tightening sensation in my belly, it's 1:15 am. I believe this must be the start of it all.........after all I'm 4 days late on delivering my first child.

I spend most of the next 2 hours in the living room trying to stay comfortable and not wake my wonderful husband. By 3 am I decide it's best to take a warm bath to help ease the back pain I was beginning to experience. I gently nudge Jeff and tell him sweetly that I think it's happening, labor has started and I will be getting in the bath. He gets up and starts to get things in order for the hospital even though that time still seems a long time away. I quickly realize that I am much to big to comfortably be in the bath and we both have a great laugh and decide a shower may be better suited for a 40 weeks 4 days pregnant Momma! It's 3:15 am.

I stay in the shower for at least 45 minutes, and I shout out to Jeff when a contraction starts and when it stops. He keeps track and we recognize that things are progressing fast............about 4 minutes apart and lasting for 45 seconds. I get dressed, blow dry my hair and throw the last minute things into my hospital bag. I call the hospital sometime after 4 and tell them how the morning has gone, and soon after we begin calling family to let them know that this will in fact be the big day. The day we become a family of 3. We tell everyone to stay put and that we will call once we are at the hospital. I continue laboring at home for the next hour or so. Laying in my room, peaceful, quite, surrounded by my husband and my lovely doggie girl who I believe can sense what is happening to me.

The waves of pain come and go, and I have faith that my body can do this. I was made for this very purpose. After throwing up several times from the pain we decide it's best to get to the hospital. It's 6:15 a.m. I am checked by the nurses, 8 cm! I struggle through the pain while Jeff calls family to tell them the progress I have made. I get am epidural at 9 cm, but it went into my blood vessel so they take it out and re insert it. It gives some relief, but in no time at all it's time for me to push. My beautiful baby is here with just a few short pushes. I look to my husband who announces, "It's Jack!" and he is here. Dark brown hair, eyes wide open and I can barley catch my breath, the amazement of the moment is almost more than I can take, I can barely sweet, my love, my Jack.

Today you turned 4 years old, I greeted you this morning with a Birthday hug and song. A tasty Birthday breakfast, a wonderful day at the park with friends, we celebrated the day of your Birth today! Daddy and I will always cherish the day you came to be.

All our love Jack,
Mommy and Daddy