Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

We are officially on Spring Break and I am so excited to have Jack by my side all week long!  Lots of fun planned for the week ~ visiting our favorite all inclusive playground, trip to the Magic House, picnic lunch, spending the morning at Chuck E Cheese, a Crown Candy visit and that is just a bit of what we'll be doing.  Hope everyone has a great week, and I'll be back on here next Monday!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Roller Skating

I took Jack roller Skating the other evening, we had been looking forward to going all week long.  The evening finally came and we laced up our skates and hit the rink!  Jack fell almost as soon as we set off and was ready to call it quits.  After a quick break and pep talk we tried again and he did so well.  I was so proud of his willingness to try again and we ended up having a great evening together.  Here are a couple poor quality snap shots of our boy trying out skating!

looking a bit nervous.

He loved skating around the carpeted area.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

A silly tradition we started in our home is having the leprechauns visit on the eve of St. Patrick's Day.  They are mischievous little guys and despite the chaos they cause around our home they always leave a bit of treasure for the kids.  This year was no exception!  We woke to find our kitchen chairs overturned and the couch cushions all messed up.  On our hunt with each kiddo (Claire included) we found milk in the fridge had been changed to green and even the water in our potty green!  Jack and Claire fell over laughing at this discovery, HA!  

The day was absolutely beautiful so we took advantage of the great weather and met our friends at the park for a Shamrock hunt put together by my dear friend.  Everyone had a wonderful time, visiting with friends, enjoying the park and searching for prizes hidden all around!  So much fun!  Here are way too many pictures of the kids :)  Josephine was lucky enough to wear a dress of mine from when I was a wee little Miss.  She looked super cute in it!  I am so very thankful my Mom saved a lot of my dresses from when I was young it will be so fun to see our girl wearing some vintage pretties.

Loving being at the park again!

Looking so darn cute in my dress!

Piggy tails :)

He was getting ready to bend down and give her a kiss!  These two are so sweet together!

Waiting for the Shamrock hunt to begin.
Having fun with one of our favorite friends, Aubrey!
Hope no one got pinched today ;)  Kisses!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Today was Wacky Wednesday at school and Jack had so much fun.  He dressed a bit wacky and was eager to fill me in on all the silliness that came along with his morning at school.  As we were leaving one of my favorite teachers asked, "will there be a wacky lunch today?"  That got me thinking and when we got home the 3 kids played outside while I prepared something silly for lunch!  Here is what they found...

Now, I realize this isn't super silly, but the two 5 year olds thought it was the wackiest thing they had seen for lunch ever LOL!  They couldn't stop squealing and giggling.  They ate it all gone and then some, and I got several, "thank yous" from them both!   We had such a fun day!

digging in


Monday, March 14, 2011

Unexpected snow day

We woke up to this this morning...

It is a slushy mess out there today and I guess in some areas it is icy too, so that means NO SCHOOL!  HOORAY!  I can't believe it, but we are all staying put today and enjoying our cozy home.  Have a great day everyone!  By the way it is supposed to be 70 on Thursday...Mother Nature is up to somethin' HA!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ronald McDonald House

Looking forward to spending my morning with friends preparing a scrumptious breakfast for the families spending this part of their lives at the Ronald McDonald House.  On the menu today is biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, red skinned breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit and a variety of juices and milk.  I always hope that our smiling faces and tasty food will help brighten their day.  It is such a wonderful experience and I love that we have started this new tradition!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grandmothers and gratefulness

I had a conversation with one of my Grandmothers a while back and she asked if Jeff was working steady or not, I replied not (thankfully for the past two weeks though it has been steady!!!).  There was a small silence and her response was, "I have been there Trisha."  In that response I heard fear, worry, concern, courage and most importantly I heard hope.  In that very moment, I knew that she had been there.  She was once here...a stay at home mom with small children at home, and a tradesman husband who from week to week doesn't know if  he'll be working or not.   Her worries and concerns back then are the same as mine today, her hopes and dreams for her family, mirror mine.  I took such comfort in our conversation.  Knowing that someone really does in fact understand exactly what you are going though helps ease the worry a bit....she's done this before, I can do it too!   I'm glad we chatted about raspberry jam and my wonderful Papa too, but I am most of grateful for her sincere response, "I have been there."  I love you Gramma! 

I have another wonderful Grandmother who, with the a lovely compliment, started my year off so very well.  I have repeated this compliment to myself a few times in the past couple months just to remind myself that at times I do get things right..  Anxious to hear what she said?  (now remember she is totally biased, because I'm her darling grand daughter)  While admiring my two kiddies playing at our Christmas get together, she put her arm around my waist gave me a squeeze and said, "Trish, you are a great Mom.  I am proud of you."  I exhaled, smiled and thanked my Grandma for her  genuine compliment.  I thought to myself, remember this Trisha...keep this memory of standing side by side with Grandma admiring Jack and Josephine fresh in your mind, always. I love you Grandma!

I swear these two moments with my Grandmothers were tender mercies from our Heavenly Father.  Letting me know He is always there, He hears my prayers and we are not alone in this journey that we're on.  I am standing on the shoulders of the strong, wonderful women who have done this all before me and I will keep striving to be the best wife, Mother, and friend I can be because my life is oh so good!  My marriage, an absolute blessing , my relationship with Jeff is something I am most proud of, and our children, they are gifts from God, we treasure them and treat them as such.  My family is supportive and there for us always.  My friends are amazing and I hope they realize I think that about them.  I do my best to start every morning out with a grateful heart, because I have so much to be grateful for! 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pajama Book Club

Today was another meeting of Jack's Pajama Book Club.  His preschool friends came to our home today, wearing their jammies, to enjoy breakfast together while I had the privilege of reading books to them.  The author we focused on this month was Dr. Seuss, in celebration of his Birthday that was a a few days before our get together.  Breakfast was donut holes from the local donut shop, apple slices with juice or milk.  It was another successful Book Club!  The kids and I had a fantastic morning together!  Josephine was lucky enough to spend her morning with my friend and neighbor JoAnn and her two boys.  She was doted on all morning long, I am sure of that!   A fun day was had by all.  Looking forward to our next get together!

The invites
Cat in the Hat!
A few friends getting comfy and ready to enjoy some stories.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

An afternoon date with my little boy

There is a children's musician in our area that Jack really enjoys.  This certain musician was celebrating a Birthday and was having a concert!  I thought it would be a great surprise to treat Jack to an afternoon date with Momma and we could catch the concert together.  Turned out to be a wonderful idea :)  Jack was picked to go on stage with a couple other children and sing and dance to one of the songs, he was beaming!  I was sitting in the crowd smiling and giggling at how much fun he was having up there!  I loved my afternoon with Jack, I enjoyed watching him be a 5 1/2 year old boy and all the silliness that this age brings along.  I adore you Jack Charles!  We finished the evening off with our favorite pizza with Daddy and Josie girl followed by cupcakes from a local cupcake shop, YUMMY! 

Laughing at the silly songs!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

An outside kinda day

It was nice here the other day that we were able to spend the afternoon playing outside.  Soaking up the sun!  A recap of our afternoon in pictures :)

Jack is such a great big brother!

Can't you just here her giggle!

Catching bugs!

Look at our sweet Autumn girl!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Space Day

All week at school Jack has been learning about Space.  They made a jet pack one day, a space helmet another day and have focused much of their attention around Space related activities.  Friday was the big Space Exploration day.  Another room at school was set up just for the Space Walk.  I dropped my astronaut off at school and saluted him, "Have a wonderful time exploring today, hope you make it back to Earth by 11:30 when I come back to pick you up!"  A giggle from Jack, a salute in return and then he was off.  I picked him up and his jet pack was filled with all sorts of goodies.  I said, "I'm so glad you made it back to Earth safe and sound!"  Jack's response, "Me too, but you know this was all just pretend, right Mom?  I just went down the hall, HAHAHA!"  He is such a crack up!  Guess I played along a little too well, HA! 

Here is our Astronaut, he was thrilled to be wearing his rocket shirt too!  Space helmet, complete with pipe cleaner microphone to communicate with fellow astronauts while exploring.
The "buttons" on the jet pack said, Go, Spin, Jack, Mom, and Dad
Such a fun week for our boy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five year old in the house

Just giving you a glimpse of what I find from time to time around the house.

A pink post it note stuck to the crib with Josie's name it.  Would you take a look at those letters, so amazing to me!  (you can click on the picture to make it bigger to check out his letters)  He is improving daily it seems with his writing and I think all the post it-ing he is doing is helping :) Love having a 5 year old little boy in the our home!

Hugs from us to you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creamy soup

It is the perfect day for some soup, care to join us?  We have a bowl of creamy baked potato soup and some warm, crusty, french bread waiting for you.  Don't be late :)