Monday, October 13, 2008

Rest in peace Uncle Frank

Two years ago today the world changed for our family. My Uncle Frank passed away suddenly at the young age of 45. He left behind his wife and their 2 young children (11 and 12 at the time). He was called home to our Heavenly Father much too soon, and without a hint of notice.

One memory that is stuck in my head from the whirlwind of a weekend after his death is at the funeral home. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people there, a true testimony to the wonderful person my Uncle was, and his oldest son was sitting with a group of his friends (a group of friends that my Uncle had coached a time or two no doubt) and his eyes met mine and we both just became overtaken with emotion. He got up and hurried over to me and buried his face into my shoulder, we both held on to one another and sobbed. I felt so weak, there wasn't a single thing I could do to take away his pain because my heart was broken too. I just repeated the words "I Love You" over and over to him. He repeated them back and the magnitude of the words seemed to calm us down again.

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and there are times I wish we knew what his plans are, but I suppose that is a selfish thing to ask for. I have made a few changes in my life since my Uncle Frank's passing.........Things don't have to be "perfect" anymore, I have tried to let go of grudges I was harboring deep inside and gradually started to rebuild friendships, I have friends and family over to our home more often, I try to celebrate the little things, and most importantly I have tired hard to be a better friend, wife and mother. Though I knew this before, this phase "life is short" is all too true.

It is so strange to me that time keeps marching on, but our hearts are far from healed. We miss you Uncle Frank, until we meet again...........

Hugs and kisses to all!

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