Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some belly pictures

We have taken a few belly pictures so far, and I have quite the baby bump going on! I am certain I wasn't this big this soon when I was pregnant with Jack so it has been interesting to get a bump so early. I am loving being pregnant and I feel great! March 28th, Jeff and I had an opportunity to go have a date night and while driving to dinner the baby started kicking and kicking all about for several minutes! It was really the first time I had felt such movement so it made our night! Since then the movements are off and on throughout the day, and especially at night, which was true of my first pregnancy too! Jack is really showing an interest in his soon to be baby brother or sister. He likes to hug my belly, and I can't wait till the kicks are strong enough for him to feel. I think he will really like being able to actually feel what's going on with Mommy!

We are scheduled to have our Ultrasound on Wednesday April 15th at 6:30 p.m. We are anxious to see this little kiddo, so please say a little prayer that this little baby is healthy and happy in there!!! I hope to have some U/S pictures to post soon after that so you all can see too!!! For now here is my growing belly!

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