Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Jeff!! Thank you for being so wonderful!!

Thank you for loving me, for always believing in me, and thinking I can capture the moon. My silly mind gets all these ideas floating around in there and you always think I can do it all, only a husband would believe that!

Thank you for being a great Dad to Jack. He is beyond lucky to have you as his hero. I hear about you most of the day and he loves to talk about you to people in the store while we are out and about. He looks up to you like no other, and wants to be you in all he does.........the way he eats his cereal, the way he dunks his cookies, his mannerisms, his silly little smirks. He loves to spend time with just you, and see things through your eyes, only a Father can do that!

You mean so much to me my love! Thank you for being the Father of my children, can't wait to see all the fun that is to come!

All my love,
Your tiny bride (though I'm not so tiny right now HA!)

Jack thinks his Daddy is Superman, and I can't argue with that because he certainly is my Superman! So Jack was pretty excited to get this shirt and get one for his Daddy too. My world revolves round these two guys! I'm a lucky girl for sure!!!


Tiffany said...

What a great picture of your boys and such a sweet letter to your hubby! I hope all 3 of you enjoyed your Father's Day together..and just this time next year you will be a happy family of 4:)

Trisha said...

I could just hug you Tiffany! You are such a great friend, and are always so sweet to us! I can't wait to meet our newest addition, you'll have to help me adjust to being a Mom of 2!