Monday, September 8, 2008

My wonderful husband

This past weekend my wonderful hubby rode 80 miles in the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride. While the course was hillier than he was expecting he kept on riding. He rode this ride in honor of my Mom who was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago, she currently takes Avonex once a week to help slow the progression of the disease since there is no cure. She recently had a check up with her neurologist and he proclaimed that she was doing great...........terrific news!

We are all so proud of Jeff's accomplishment with the ride and we loved celebrating at the finish line with him. His Brother also rode in the bike ride and their total fund raising was nearly $1,100! We were so excited for both of them, and my heartfelt thank you, hugs and kisses goes out to these two great guys. Thank you for making my Mom feel so special and so loved, it was a wonderful weekend!

Here is Jeff and Jim getting ready to cross the finish line!

Jeff, my Mom and Jim after the ride! Way to go!

A picture of my Baby and me. I gobbled him up when we got home, I had missed him!

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