Friday, September 12, 2008

Speech Evaluation

Today was the day. Jack went to the Early Childhood center for his Speech evaluation. He has been making great progress with his speech and language, but I still needed to have him evaluated to make sure he was on track.

We received wonderful news, no therapy is needed! I got to sit in on the evaluation, and only had to prompt him twice to focus with his teacher. He did amazingly well, and I actually shed a few happy tears..............I was beyond thrilled to hear all these words coming out of his mouth and his articulation is great! She didn't go over everything with me today (I will get the full report in 2 weeks), but she wanted to reassure me that he is doing great and no therapy was needed! She said "keep up the good work Mom, he is making great strides". In my mind I had a huge sigh of relief that I am actually doing something right with this precious little boy, it feels nice to have someone acknowledge that from time to time...........keep up the great work Jack!

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