Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying our day

Today we are just hanging around the house enjoying all the new goodies that the past few days have given us! Jack and Claire are enjoying all the new trains, puzzles and games.......and I am reading new cook books and wearing my newest apron like it's the latest fashion accessory. I LOVE IT. It makes me feel blissful! Stop snickering, it's darling! We are having a glorious day here, and it is equally glorious outside. I have some steaks to grill and potatoes to bake for a tasty supper for my hubby after his bout of sickness this weekend. I bet his belly is hungry for a yummy supper tonight, and you know I aim to please!

Off to finish cleaning up while the children are napping. Here is another picture I adore from 2008! Jack played T-Ball with his cousin Jakob this past Summer and Jack was the youngest kiddo out there. He did well and was especially proud when he received his medal after the session was over. I love how the proudness (what, that's not a word LOL) shines through in this picture. He is such a joy!


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