Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grandmothers and gratefulness

I had a conversation with one of my Grandmothers a while back and she asked if Jeff was working steady or not, I replied not (thankfully for the past two weeks though it has been steady!!!).  There was a small silence and her response was, "I have been there Trisha."  In that response I heard fear, worry, concern, courage and most importantly I heard hope.  In that very moment, I knew that she had been there.  She was once here...a stay at home mom with small children at home, and a tradesman husband who from week to week doesn't know if  he'll be working or not.   Her worries and concerns back then are the same as mine today, her hopes and dreams for her family, mirror mine.  I took such comfort in our conversation.  Knowing that someone really does in fact understand exactly what you are going though helps ease the worry a bit....she's done this before, I can do it too!   I'm glad we chatted about raspberry jam and my wonderful Papa too, but I am most of grateful for her sincere response, "I have been there."  I love you Gramma! 

I have another wonderful Grandmother who, with the a lovely compliment, started my year off so very well.  I have repeated this compliment to myself a few times in the past couple months just to remind myself that at times I do get things right..  Anxious to hear what she said?  (now remember she is totally biased, because I'm her darling grand daughter)  While admiring my two kiddies playing at our Christmas get together, she put her arm around my waist gave me a squeeze and said, "Trish, you are a great Mom.  I am proud of you."  I exhaled, smiled and thanked my Grandma for her  genuine compliment.  I thought to myself, remember this Trisha...keep this memory of standing side by side with Grandma admiring Jack and Josephine fresh in your mind, always. I love you Grandma!

I swear these two moments with my Grandmothers were tender mercies from our Heavenly Father.  Letting me know He is always there, He hears my prayers and we are not alone in this journey that we're on.  I am standing on the shoulders of the strong, wonderful women who have done this all before me and I will keep striving to be the best wife, Mother, and friend I can be because my life is oh so good!  My marriage, an absolute blessing , my relationship with Jeff is something I am most proud of, and our children, they are gifts from God, we treasure them and treat them as such.  My family is supportive and there for us always.  My friends are amazing and I hope they realize I think that about them.  I do my best to start every morning out with a grateful heart, because I have so much to be grateful for! 


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