Friday, March 4, 2011

Space Day

All week at school Jack has been learning about Space.  They made a jet pack one day, a space helmet another day and have focused much of their attention around Space related activities.  Friday was the big Space Exploration day.  Another room at school was set up just for the Space Walk.  I dropped my astronaut off at school and saluted him, "Have a wonderful time exploring today, hope you make it back to Earth by 11:30 when I come back to pick you up!"  A giggle from Jack, a salute in return and then he was off.  I picked him up and his jet pack was filled with all sorts of goodies.  I said, "I'm so glad you made it back to Earth safe and sound!"  Jack's response, "Me too, but you know this was all just pretend, right Mom?  I just went down the hall, HAHAHA!"  He is such a crack up!  Guess I played along a little too well, HA! 

Here is our Astronaut, he was thrilled to be wearing his rocket shirt too!  Space helmet, complete with pipe cleaner microphone to communicate with fellow astronauts while exploring.
The "buttons" on the jet pack said, Go, Spin, Jack, Mom, and Dad
Such a fun week for our boy!

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