Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow much fun!

We sure did get a lot of snow, and it's beautiful. When the sun comes out, it looks like someone just threw a handful of glitter across my yard, so sparkly. Thankfully after a few days of bitter cold temperatures, we warmed back up into the 30's and were able to spend some time outside enjoying the fluffy stuff. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the upper 40's so I am guessing the snow will soon be gone. So thankful we made some fun memories while it was here! Until the next big snow fall...

Jack and a few neighbor friends had a great time sledding!

I can almost hear his giggle! He was having a BALL!
Me and my boy! We played tackle tag in the snow! This was after he got me a few times!
Our snow man, or should I say snow girl ;) Here the kids are saying "ta da!"

Love this picture! We bulit a little snow wall and the kiddos hid behind it when we were having our snow ball fight. Check out the snow ball coming right at me HA!
Autumn girl LOVED the snow as always!

My hubby and me!


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