Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sun, and fun with friends

What an absolutely beautiful Saturday! We are starting off the day with some much needed playtime outside! Jack asked for, and received, a fantastic big wheel from Santa and today was the perfect day to do some riding. He caught on pretty quickly to the silliness of this big wheel and I can only imagine all the cool tricks he will be doing with it when we are able to spend some more time outside. Josephine LOVED being outside! She explored, and pushed her baby stroller around, but her most favorite thing to do was to say "Momma" and grab my hand and walk down the sidewalk to the neighbors house, then turn around and walk right back to our driveway. We did this about 20 times and I loved it! I sure do hope we have a few more of these days where the temperature is mild and we can get outside again and enjoy the sun!
Josephine checking out the snow, and stomping her feet in the little bit that is left.

Later today we are meeting some friends and their children at the Auto Show downtown and grabbing a bite to eat after wards. I can't wait to catch up with them, it has been far too long since we have gotten together, we are really looking forward to it!
Edited to add this picture: At the Auto Show there was a Cars 2 area set up!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

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