Thursday, February 3, 2011

My life really is good

The beautiful sun is out today and it is a sight for sore eyes. All my blinds are open and the rays are pouring into every corner of my home. Claire joined us today and when she saw that we had decorated and made Valentine's I could tell she was bummed she missed it. So what is an Auntie to do, get more goodies out to do a little more crafting. Once our bellies were full of blueberry muffins warm from the oven, we got to work! Nothing fancy, just crepe paper, scissors, glue and card stock (they both chose blue). Their hearts turned out great, and most importantly Claire was feeling happy. She thanked me 3 times :)

I know a few friends that are begging to get out of the house after being cooped up for a few days and this is where I realize that I am a bit different. I have loved us all being home! Despite a few moments of bickering between the kids and a couple time outs, our time together has been the best. It's what I live for. I enjoy planning time to get together with my girl friends from time to time, but nothing beats being here at home. Music playing in the background, board games, crafting, cooking, putting my feet up and relaxing a bit while the children entertain themselves, kissing my husband (and the kids too) whenever I really is the best when we are all home together. Possibly tomorrow will be a school day and then 2 more days of us all home together! Looking forward to it, besides, Saturday night is movie night and it's my turn to pick! I have no idea what my pick will be!

I made some pizza dough this morning and it is rising beautifully!  Can't wait to roll it out and stuff it with some tasty toppings, we're having calzones for supper.   Yummy!    Enjoy the pictures from our morning!

Cutting the crepe paper into small pieces

She was so proud of herself!  Jack was cheering her on across the table so she started clapping too!
My darling mixer, getting ready to whip up some pizza crust!

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