Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's right woodchuck-chuckers, it's Ground Hog Day!

It's Ground Hog Day folks and it looks like Phil has predicted an early Spring, sounds wonderful to me! One of our silly traditions in February is that Jeff and I always, I mean always, watch the movie Ground Hog Day on February 2nd. It started when we were dating, I had never seen the movie before and so we had a date night on Feb. 2nd and watched it. Just like that a new tradition was started! Tonight I am making homemade creamy baked potato soup with some warm crusty french bread and a dessert recipe by Giada DeLaurentis. I am looking forward to snuggling on the couch with my hubby under our big down blanket, perfect way to spend this frigid Ground Hog Day!  The kiddos aren't left out on the fun of celebrating this Holiday, check out the cute snacks below.  I think I may be a little theme crazy, I don't know anyone who makes Ground Hog Day treats HA!


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