Monday, February 7, 2011

Out for the evening

I am so very glad that the weather has given us a few days break from the falling snow.  It looks as though I'll be able to make it to Book Club tonight, HOORAY!   A couple times a month or so I have an evening out with friends, usually a night of Bunco playing or Book Club, and Jeff takes over the bed time routines.   Tonight is Book Club and we are going to Mimi's Cafe, and I can't wait!  We read Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks and I am dying to know what everyone else thought of the book, I loved it!  I know my evening out will be full of laughs, great food and even better company and that my kiddos will have a wonderful evening, enjoying having their Dad all to themselves.  I'm anxious to hear what new book we are going to be reading for next month but I don't like being with out something to read, so in the mean time I downloaded Jodi Picoult's new Kindle Single Leaving Home.  It has been enjoyable to read a few short stories from one of my favorite authors.  I am trying my best to wait patiently for her new book set to be released in March, so these 3 short stories from her were just the thing to help pass the time.

This morning Jeff and I brought Josephine up to Jeff's parents house for a visit with Grandma.  Here is a picture of Josie girl when I was getting her ready to go this morning.  She looks like such a big girl here!  All I have to say is Josephine, let's get your hair combed and face washed and she runs into the bathroom ready and waiting for the morning routine :) 


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