Friday, February 18, 2011

The weekend is here

We had the most enjoyable week here! Wonderful weather, time with friends at the park, bike rides, playing outside, opening our windows and letting fresh, crisp air blow into all corners of our home....really, what more could you ask for in February?! It has been blissful! Our weekend plans are just as nice as our week has been. Jeff and I are taking the kids to one of their favorite parks tonight followed by ice cream cones at home. A relaxing Saturday is in store ~ we'll attend Mass on Saturday evening this week so I can volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House early Sunday morning. Preparing breakfast again for the families spending this part of their life in this wonderful House. We are always looking for extra help so if you live close by get in touch with me, we would love to have you come along and help out :)



Kelly said...


I'm happy to help out with any breakfast supplies you might need... not sure I'm up to going back to one at this point, although my days there were wonderful.


Trisha said...

Great! Next month when we are preparing to go again, I'll let you know if we need more breakfast goodies.